The Langa

langhe“Un Paese ci vuole, non fosse che per il gusto di andarsene via. Un paese vuol dire non essere soli, sapere che nella gente, nelle piante, nella terra c’è qualcosa di tuo, che quando non ci sei resta ad aspettarti”.
Cesare Pavese

“Pensai a quanti luoghi ci sono nel mondo che appartengono così a qualcuno, che qualcuno ha nel sangue e nessun altro li sà”.
Cesare Pavese

The hills of Langhe and Roero are a magic sight, still more charming by vines’s colours and their wines. It is the landscape that we recognize in Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio’s books and once visited you remember it when you drink its delicious wines.

The landscape changes as seasons go by. In autumn many tourists come here also in order to sample Alba’s world wide famous white truffle. The mediaval city center is crowded with tourists coming from all over the world to saple the King of tubers and sample all the traditional red wines.

You can visit this country in a “slow”sort way, coming into little or big wine cellars, tasting wines and typical cooking among historical buildings and castles for example Barolo and Grinzane.

The piedmontese langhe offer you a lot of beautiful landscape, unique smells and nice tastes, blending in surprising way.

Way a house in Langa?

langhe2 “Ricordo quanti papaveri si vedevano dalla finestra nella campagna, e quelli non me li sono di certo sognati. Colori così vivi non si sognano, e poi ho sempre osservato che di un sogno non si ricordano i particolari inutili. Ma quei papaveri non servivano a niente e spuntavano sul rialto, dentro la finestra come una cosa vera.”
Cesare Pavese

Silence and peace with a good location and beautiful view among hills and mountains are, for a house in Langa, an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature in every season of year. Besides it’s an ideal base for visiting and discovering Italy and Europe.

Piedmontese Langhe are an historical region of Piedmont, rich of traditions with rural landscapes placed between the province of Asti and Cuneo, in a geomorphologic and very evocative context. Besides from Langhe you can quickly reach both the nice bseaside of Liguria and ski resorts in the mountains of whole province of Cuneo.

Langhe are famous all over the world for their fantastic wines (barolo, barbaresco, nebbiolo, barbera, moscato d’asti and so on) and for their homely cooking, the truffle of Alba and many cheeses having the certificate of protected origin (D.O.P. Denominazione di Origine Controllata.).

The place gives also the possibility to fulfil your cultural and naturalistic interests, rich of castles and history ranging from Neolitic sites ,Roman time and Napoleonic battle field.

Today a house in Langa is much in demand as a second home and a lot of foreigners want to buy it.
Today it’s possible to find old buildings and rural houses to refurbish and transform them following your own taste and needs.